This year's musical forecast predicts high chances of heavy, thick, purple, acid rain, along with quadraphonic, synthesized rainbows. Lovers of the refurbished genre synthwave opera, which seems to be enjoying a steady surge of newfound popularity in recent months, surely are in for a treat, come July this year.


First single

Terminal rose to international fame 4 years ago with the release of their first single, Life on Mars! (along with its B-side, Devil inside), in virtual collaboration with late artists David Bowie and Michael Hutchence, both of whom, at the time of recording, had been dead for at least a decade. The innovative way in which they reproduced the voices of these 20th century music heroes and amalgamated them with their highly complex symphonies and intricate librettos was, according to contemporary music scholars, the work of a mastermind, only comparable to that of other musical geniuses from past centuries, like none other than Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and other musicians of such caliber.



Ralphy Rudolfsson, manager of Terminal, has issued a press statement on her official Facegram account, expressing the band's great satisfaction and excitement about the fruitful results of the upcoming album, produced by renown music producer Roardon Gaphel. In addition, Ralphy has taken the opportunity to deny rumors that surfaced this past week, regarding the leak of the unmastered album onto the internet and the alleged involvement of one of the sound engineers that worked in the mixing and mastering process of the tracks. The sound engineer, who chose to remain anonymous, expressed earlier this week that he "would sooner not to make a comment on the matter", which, naturally, fueled rumors even further.


Second album

The exciting news is that one of the biggest propagators of synthwave-op, namely Swedish band Terminal, has recently announced the exact date for the release of their second album, baptized Stargate. Stargate is scheduled to be available for purchase in psychical and online record stores on July 4th, 2030; a true a gift of freedom for all young Americans on Independence Day. Needless to say that, if anything, Terminal's compositions have been deemed, by fans and music critics alike, to be truly liberating and freeing for the listener's senses.

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Regardless, the truth remains that a pirated, low-quality copy of the single titled New Sensation had been uploaded on several video streaming sites a few weeks before its official release, which caused quite an uproar among the artist communities and copyright authorities alike, and even prompted the opening of an official investigation, carried out by S├Ąpo (Swedish Security Service), in conjunction with INTERPOL, FBI and ARIS (Artists Rights International Society).

In any case, to prove that Terminal are still going strong and that they are exultant to announce the release of their second album, it is only fitting that celebrations be in order. As such, there will be a release party tour that will stretch for the space of 1 whole month, starting off in Stockholm on Midsummer Day, which in Sweden will take place on June the 22th this year. During the release party tour, band members and fans alike will have the opportunity to get together, celebrate the birth of the new record family member, drink to everybody's health and, perhaps, even sing in congenial unison to the twisted, rainbow-like 3D beat of Terminal's synthwave-op.

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